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Frequently asked questions

1.       How long should the students stay in Greece?

The students are required to attend the lectures and the exams of the first and the second semester in Greece. The duration of the lectures for each semester is 9 weeks. The rest of the workload (essays for each module and the master’s thesis) can be done at student’s place.

2.       Where are the lectures taking place?

All lectures are being held at the facilities of the International Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia and at the facilities of the University of Peloponnese in Sparta.

3.       What are the fees of the programme?

The tuition fees for the programme payable by the students are 3000 Euro (cost per student) for the three semesters. They are due and payable before the beginning of each semester (2 installments). The rest of the total cost of the programme is covered by the IOA and sponsors: accommodation and full boarding for nine weeks per semester (duration of lectures), group transportation from Athens to Ancient Olympia and Sparta and travelling costs for the educational tours (accommodation, boarding, transportation, museum visits) in the prefecture of Peloponnese (4 days) and North Greece (4 days). There is also the possibility of providing scholarships given by other institutions, i.e. Olympic Solidarity. Applicants who are interested in applying for a scholarship may declare it in the application form and contact their National Olympic Committees and National Olympic Academies for further information.

4.       Should I know greek in order to be a student of the programme?

All the lectures and assignments are in English. 

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