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Dr Michał Bronikowski, Ph.D

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Dr Michał Bronikowski, Ph.D
Ul.M. Tokarzewskiego 13
Poznań, 61-695
Telefon (061) 826 89 12
Mobile: 605 302 313

General information Marital status: married
wife Małgorzata, two children son Maciej (14), daugther Zofia (11)
Nationality: Polish
Age: 40
Born: 08.03.1969 Poznań, Poland

Work address: University School of Physical Education

Department of Methodology of Teaching Physical Education
Position: Head of the Department
Ul. Królowej Jadwigi 27/39
61-871 Poznań, Poland
tel. (061) 835 5200, fax. 48-61-835, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

1993 – Master Degree in Physical Education, (major – teaching physical education and coaching football), University School of PE, Poznań
1996 – Bachelor in English Teaching,
Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań
1999 – Ph.D. in Physical Culture Sciences
University School of Physical Education, Poznań, Poland
2009 – Habilitation in Physical Culture Sciences
University School of Physical Education, Poznań, Poland

Polish, English (both in oral and written form)

Present occupation: Senior Lecturer at the University School of Physical Education
(teaching area: methodology of PE lessons, motor games and plays)
Senior Lecturer at the Liverpool Hope University
In department of Sport Studies (until August 2009)
(teaching area: Sport pedagogy)

Professional career:
Football player – Warta Poznań Football Club – 1990-2000.
Assistant in daily L’Arche Centre, Liverpool
Observer of the FC Everton’s training sessions, (1991-1992)
Assistant to the Editor of “Studies in Physical Culture&Tourism”
Scholarly Publication in English (years 1997-2002)

Professional development and contacts:

Research interests:
Faculty Socrates/Erasmus coordinator for students and staff mobility (years 1998-2008)
Polish Olympic Academy, Warsaw, Poland (1996 up to now) - Chair of the “Young Members Fraction”
International Olympic Academy, Olimpia, Greece: 1) Postgraduate Seminar on Olympism (May-July, 1995) 2) Coordinator on the session of the Young Participants (July-August 2000) 3) Participant on the 5th Session for the Educators and University Officials – July 2001 Olimpia, Greece 4) Invited as an official lecturer for the 9th session for Directors of NOC’s – May 2007 5) Invited as an official lecturer for the Master Programme in Olympic Studies (by the International Olympic Academy – November 2009

Other invited sessions:
1) Lecturing at Democrius University of Kamotioni (2000) and University of Athens (2003) - Greece
2) Invited by the German Olympic Committee to lecture at the main annual session (2002, 2004)
and numerous congresses and international conferences

- European TEMPUS project concerning Olympic issues
University of Leeds (prof. J. Parry) – June-September, 1998
- visit to Gerlev Sport Institute and Traditional Games Lege Park (June 2005, Denmark
- practical PE teaching at Tunbridge Well Grammar School (June 2007)
- organization of the international Workshop week (May 2008, Poznan)
(almost 100 PE teachers and students from 6 European countries from the Health-a-ware project)
Liverpool Hope University (from 2008 -2009)
Theory of Physical Education - teaching methodology and didactics
Ancient and Modern Olympic Games
History of sport and Olympism
Anthropology/Culture of sport, Ethnology of traditional games
Physical, Health and Olympic Education curricula

National Research Grants:
1) Polish Scientific Committee Individual Research Grant no 3 PO5D 04623 - title “Profiles of Intensity of PE lessons” – years 2002-2004
2) Polish Scientific Committee Individual Research Grant no N404 31/2397 – title “Sense of coherence, subjective and objective health indicators of youth” – years 2006-2009.

European Research Grants:
1) EU Grant - 128737-CP-1-2006-1-DE-Comenius-C21
– title „Health(a)ware - an experienced-based learning and teaching approach for physical and health education” (years 2006-2009)
website of the project: www.health-a-ware.eu

Publications: Selected publications (those in English only) in last 5 years:
Bronikowski M. (2003). Perception of sport-based moral values in Polish pupils aged 12-16. Gymnica – Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Palacky University Olomouc. Vol.32, no. 2, 29-33.
Bronikowski M. (2003). Value orientation of full-time, extra mural and post graduate students of physical education in Poland. Acta Kinesiologiae Universitatis Tartuensis, University of Tartu, Estonia, vol.8, 117-127.
Bronikowski M. (2003). Comparison of students’ curricular goals in four types of physical education lessons, The Proceedings of FEPSAC European Congress, Kopenhaga, Book of abstracts, 38
Gracz J., Bronikowski M., Walczak M. (2003). Recreation, creation, excitation. Passion and emotions in sport, The Proceedings of FEPSAC European Congress, Kopenhaga, Book of abstracts, s.65,
Bronikowski M. (2004). Die Motorische Leistungsfahigkeit und das Wissen vom Olympismus als wichtige Elemente – Der Lebensstil von Gymnasiasten. (W:) Bewegung, Sport und Gesundheit im regionalen Bezug (D.C.Mahlitz, L.Bomirska, M.Stępiński Hrsg.). Sportwissenschft und Sportpraxis, Band 136, Czwalina, 68-74.
Bronikowski M. (2004). Are physical education classes intensive enough for pupils in Poland? W: The Proceedings of “Sport Science through the Ages”, Pre-Olympic Congress, eds. V.Klisouras, S.Kellis, I.Mouratidis. Thessaloniki, 2004, 135-136.
Bronikowski M. (2004). Heart rates of pupils during physical education lessons. Human Movement, vol 5, no 2,106-112.
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Bronikowski M. (2005). How much physical activity a week to improve the health-related fitness of Polish schoolchildren? Wychowanie Fizyczne i Sport, t.49, nr 3, 219-223.
Bronikowski M. (2005). The amount of moderate-to-vigorous intensity during physical education classes in Poland. Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism, vol.XII, no.2, 55-65.
Bronikowski M. (2005). How olympism reached the Polish Schools. Acta Academiae Olympique Estoniae, vol. 13, no 1, 27-36.
Bronikowski M. (2006). Achievements in teaching Olympism in Polish Schools. Research Yearbook – Studies in Physical Education and Sport, Gdańsk vol.12,no 2, 184-190.
Bronikowski M. (2006). Profiles of intensity loads in physical education classes in Poland. Gymnica - Acta Univ.Palacki Olomuc, 2006, vol.36, no.1, 47-59.
Bronikowski M. (2006). Sense of meaningfulness, comprehensibility and manageability as determiners of self-assessment of heath status and physical fitness in adolescents. Zdrowie Publiczne, tom.116, nr 3, 406-412.
Bronikowski M., Biniakiewicz B., Mroczkowska M., Grześkowiak E. (2006). Conflictive behaviours during physical education classes in Poland. Physical Education and Sport, 50, 108-112.
Bronikowski M. (2006). Gender differentiation of morphological traits at the entering of puberty. Papers on Anthropology, XV, 18-28.
Bronikowski M., Sokołowski M., Kantanista A., Lewandowska M. (2007). The sense of coherence among candidates for officers and non-commissioned officers in the Land Army as an indicator for the professional military service. [In:] M.Sokołowski (red.) Biosocial effects of military service as a basis for further improvement of future physical education and sports programmes. AWF Poznań, 257-263.
Bronikowski M., J.Maciaszek, E.Szczepanowska, J.Tarnas. W.Woźniak. (2007) Dominant determinants in cardio-respiratory endurance in 13 years old boys and girls. Medicina Sportiva 11(3):66-69.
Bronikowski M., Śleboda R., Szczepanowska E., Kantanista A., Bronikowska M. (2007) Daily Physical activity of Polish youth. Papers on Anthropology, XVI, 56-70.
Bronikowski M., Kantanista A, Bronikowska M. (2007) Hellison’s model of responsibility for one’s health and frequency of undertaking physical activity in 13-year old youth from Poznan, Acta Kinanthropologica, 44-53
Bronikowski M., Marcela González-Gross, Konrad Kleiner, Elke Knisel, Irena Martinková, Antje Stache, Adam Kantanista, David Cañada Lòpez, Alexandra Konlechner, (2008) Physical activity, obesity and health programs in selected European countries. Studies in Physical Culture and Toursim, vol.XV (1), 9-18.
Bronikowski M., Bronikowska M. (2009). Salutogenesis as a framework for improving health of adolescent boys. Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 37, 525-531.

Dr hab. Michał Bronikowski, Ph.D


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