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Where is the Master taking place? Place The programme takes place in Ancient Olympia and in Sparta, Greece.
Which is the application deadline for the Master? Application Deadline Applicants should send all the required documents both via email and in hard copies till
the 30th of April 2024 to the Secretariat of the Master’s Degree programme.
What are the required documents to apply for the Master? Required Documents You can find all the reqired documents in the call for application
When does the Master start? Master Beginning  Dates of Lectures in Greece (physical presence is demanded):
First Semester: 20/09/2024-23/11/2024
Second Semester: 04/04/2025-08/06/2025 (These dates may be subject to change)
Period of thesis preparation:
Third Semester: 09/2025- 02/2026
What is the duration of the Master? Duration The duration of the programme is three (3) semesters. Students are required to attend two
semesters of lectures in Greece. The third semester is dedicated to the preparation of the
master thesis at the student’s place.
How many ECTS credits does the Master provide after its completion? ECTS After the completion of the programme, the total number of the awarded ECTS credits is 90. 
Can I apply if i do not have a Bachelor degree? Master's Eligibility All students admitted are required to possess a Bachelor degree from Greek or foreign Higher Education Institutions proving full time studies with a duration of at least three years. If you are a Bachelor undergraduate can apply sending a document certifying the date of your future graduation and also  a transcript of the grades that you have so far  until you forward us your Bachelor Degree.
Is it necessary to know the Greek Language to attend the Master? Greek Language All the lectures are held in English therefore speaking Greek is not a prerequisite.
Is English Proficiency required? English Level As far as the level of language is concerned, official proof of the English Language efficiency is needed since all lectures are held in English. In specific, a certificate in the English language proving good knowledge is required, without any special requirement of the degree that you are going to provide us with and of the institution that is going to issue it. Native speakers are also welcome to apply.
How will the interview occur? Interview All shortlisted applicants will be interviewed via Skype 
Is physical presence necessary during the whole Programme? Physical Presence The presence of the students during the first 2 Semesters is mandatory but the preparation of the master thesis during the 3rd semester is conducted at the student’s place .
Do you provide accomodation? Accomodation Accommodation and half board are provided by the programme during the time that students have to be in Greece for the lectures (first 2 semesters)
What are the fees for the Master's Programme? Fees The tuition fees for the programme payable by the students are 3.000,00 Euros (cost per student) for the three semesters. 
Does the Olympic Solidarity grant any scholarships? Scholarships Olympic Solidarity (IOC) will provide scholarships to some successful candidates, therefore any applicant who is interested in claiming one should get in touch with their National Olympic Committee.The scholarship covers the whole amount of the tuition fees (3000€). Air fares and personal expenses are not included. All applications are conducted through the NOC and not through our Programme.
How much will it cost me to stay in Greece? Cost of Living Since accommodation & half board are provided, students will only have to pay for their minor everyday expenses.  
Do I have to get a Visa? Visa In case you are being selected, you will receive an invitation letter for the issuance of a visa. A letter is also sent by us to the Embassy/ Consulate responsible for the visa issuance in order to facilitate the procedures. 
In which professional areas can i work after the acquisition of the Master? Career Graduates of our Master are professionals in National Olympic Academies and Committees, Sport Federations as well as in fields such as Physical Education, Management etc. The majority of them who were already working in the sport industry got a promotion, upgrading their current employment status. 
Can I reapply for the next intake if i am not granted admission? Reapply Yes, you are welcome to apply for the Master's degree programme next year.

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