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1st Semester
Mandatory Modules
Μ.1.1- The history and philosophy of sport in Antiquity: the birth of sport and its evolution
Μ.1.2- The modern Olympic Games (revival, historic development of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games – social, political and cultural aspects of the Olympic Games – Olympic Institutions – Olympic Law)
Μ.1.3- Olympic Pedagogy I: Development and implementation of Olympic education programmes in school.
Μ.1.4- Sport and Ethics – Olympic Philosophy
Μ.1.5- Research methods in Social Sciences and Olympic Studies 
2nd Semester
Mandatory Modules
Μ.2.1- Olympic Pedagogy II: Development and implementation of Olympic education programmes for schools
Μ.2.2- Olympic Games and major sports events: organization and management.
Μ.2.3- Sports marketing and Olympic sponsoring.
Optional (2 from below)
Ο1- Olympic Movement and International relations
Ο2- Sports high performance: Olympic athletes and dual careers
Ο3- Strategic and operational planning of major sports events
Ο4- Financial management of sports organizations
Ο5- The role, organization and operation of Olympic museums and libraries.
3rd semester
Preparation, submission and presentation of Master’s Thesis
All lectures are held in English.


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