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Jim Parry

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Name: Prof. Dr. Jim Parry

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Recent Professional Experience:


  • 2010-present - Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prague, teaching Philosophy of Sport, Ethics and Olympism
  • 1995-2010 - Head of the Dept of Philosophy, Head of the School of Humanities and

                           University Dean for Students at Leeds University, England




Leeds University            Dept of Education,         1999     EdD (in Philosophy and Education)

Leeds University            Dept of Politics,             1983     MA (in Political Sociology)

Manchester University    Dept of Law,                  1987     MJur (in Jurisprudence, with distinction)

                                    Dept of Education          1975     MEd (in Philosophy of Education, distinction)

Univ of Wales, Aber       Dept of Education          1971     Postgrad Cert Ed

                                                                        1971     Cert Physical Ed

Univ of Wales, Bangor   Dept of Philosophy         1970     BA with Honours (in Philosophy)


Invited Visiting Positions:

  • International Professor of Olympic Studies, Autonomous Univ of Barcelona, 2003
  • International Professor, Olympic Chair, University of Ghent, 2009
  • Visiting Professor of Olympic Studies, Gresham College, London, 2012
  • International Professor, Russian International Olympic University, Sochi, 2013-16
  • Supervising Professor at the International Olympic Academy, Ancient Olympia, Greece,1986-2015


Professional Positions:

  • Former Chair of the British Universities PE Association
  • Founding Director of the British Olympic Academy
  • Former Member, British Council of Physical Education
  • Former Member of the Football Association Ethics Strategy Group
  • Vice-Chair and Chair, British Philosophy of Sport Association, 2009-2013
  • Executive Committee member European Assoc for Philosophy of Sport, 2009-2011
  • Distinguished Scholar Award, International Assoc of Philosophy of Sport, 2010


Selected publications:

1. Book series co-editor: Ethics and Sport, published by Routledge (London & NY) 22 volumes.


2. Books – co-authored

  • The Olympic Games Explained (Routledge, 2005, 272 pp. - translated into Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Spanish and Slovenian)
  • Sport and Spirituality (Routledge 2007, 280 pp.)
  • Olympic Values and Ethics (Ghent, Belgium: University of Ghent Press, 2012)


3. Books – co-edited:

  • Ethics and Sport (Routledge, 1998, 220 pp.)
  • Theology, Ethics and Transcendence in Sport (Routledge 2010)
  • Phenomenological Approaches to the Study of Sport (Routledge 2012)
  • Olympic Ethics and Philosophy (Routledge 2012)
  • Fields of Vision – the Arts in Sport (Leisure Studies Association 2013).
  • Ethics and Governance in Sport: The Future of Sport Imagined (Routledge 2015)


3. Selected chapters in the last 5 years:

  • *with Martinkova I* Coaching and the Limits of Performance Enhancement (in Hardman A and Jones C (eds): Coaching Ethics, Routledge 2010, pp. 165-184)
  • *with Martinkova I* Zen, Movement and Sports - focussing on the quality of experiencing. In Parry J et al (eds): Theology, Ethics and Transcendence in Sport NY: Routledge, 2010, pp. 211-222
  • Our Acceptance of Pain and Injury in Sport in Jirasek I, Kosiewicz J and Roberson DN (eds), Sport and Physical Culture in the Mirror of the Social Sciences, Olomouc: Palacky University, 2012, pp. 33-41.
  • *with Lucidarme, S* The First Youth Olympic Games of 2010 - innovations and challenges. In Harvey S and Light R, Ethics in Youth Sport, London: Routledge, 2013, pp. 40-54


4. Selected articles in the last 4 years:

  • *joint with Lucidarme S* Challenges for the Youth Olympic Games: Summer and Winter (ACC Journal XVII, no. 2 (2011):165-173. Cz Rep).
  • *joint with Martinkova I* The Double Instrumentality of Sport. Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism, 2011, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 25-32.
  • *joint with Martinkova I* Two Ways of Conceiving Time in Sport. Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomoucensis Gymnica, 41, 1, 2011, pp. 23-32
  • *joint with Martinkova I* An Introduction to the Phenomenological Study of Sport. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 5, 3, 2011, pp. 185-201
  • *joint with M McNamee* Olympism, Ethics and Philosophy: old wine in new bottles Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 6,1, 2012, pp. 103-107
  • The Youth Olympic Games - some ethical issues Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 6, 2, 2012, pp. 138-154.
  • The Power of Sport in Peace-making and Peacekeeping Sport in Society, 2012, 1–13.
  • Olympic Education and the Youth Olympic Games Acta Universitatis Carolinae Kinanthropologica, 48, 1, 2012, pp. 90-99.
  • *joint with Skala T* David Best on Rhythm in Movement Acta Universitatis Carolinae Kinanthropologica, 48, 2, 2012, pp. 102-110
  • *joint with Hurych, E* Selected Philosophy of Sport/Movement Culture Texts in English and Slavonic (2011-2012). International Journal of Physical Education, XLV1 (4), 2012, pp. 2-22.
  • *joint with Martinkova I* Sports Supplements: Strategies and Policies. Swedish Journal of Sports Research, 1, 2012, pp. 83-106
  • *joint with Martinkova I* Eichberg’s ‘Phenomenology’ of Sport: A Phenomenal Confusion. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 7, 3, 2013, pp. 1-11
  • *joint with Hurych, E and Teetzel, S. Selected Philosophy of Sport/Movement Culture Texts in English and Slavonic (2013-2014). International Journal of Physical Education, LI (4), 2014, 2–14.
  • *joint with Martinkova I* On Biting in Sport - The Case of Luis Suárez. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, forthcoming 2015
  • *joint with Martinkova I* Martial Categories: Clarification and Classification. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, forthcoming, 2016.


Sports Career:

Played student football at international level - for Wales, UAU (England and Wales),and British Universities; and 15 years as a semi-professional. (Derby County, Bangor City, Stockport County, Retford Town).

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